Described what it could be realized only through the help, patience and love of my family who warmly thank all the grandparents / and, Roberta, Elda mom, dad Peter, Uncle Albert, Aunt Helen, the mother-in-law Frances . To them I dedicate this site. I also thank Michele P. (Aka TecnoMike) creator of this site, John G. dear family friend, Gea G. my best friend (HMK), David De Feis of Virgin Steele for "comfort" music ("Hail to Heavy Metal), Francis L. whose persistence / perseverance in doing the things he taught me a lot, Alexander C. near the ground; Leonardo Da Vinci (1452) Master of inspiration, Stephen A. friend and comrade in the Carabinieri Corps, the entire staff of Tecnoauto Ltd, Gail F; Leonidas and 300 (aaahuuu!); JR Tolkien (1916), G.A. Canaletto (1768), Brandon Lee and the "Raven" Todd McFarlane and Spawn, Spiderman and Stan Lee, Robert E. Howard (1906) creator of Conan, Tiger the cat!,

Finally I make a special thanks to the legendary magazine CasAntica (for me an inexhaustible source of ideas!) Which in recent years has devoted two articles to the Masseria well.


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