Why should you want to visit us?

That’s easy! We address ourselves to those who love rustic life, traditional methods of cultivating and caring for olive trees and also to those fascinated by the search for antique building materials.

A few years ago, I bought this minute country property, dating back to the early 1900’s. The property is situated in the wooden hills surrounding Narni in which is known as the green heart of Narnia.

My passion for restore has lead me to search for original materials and fixtures (won, terra-cotta, wood) throughout the whole length of the “Italian boot”, my aim being to realize detailed perfection both on the outside and inside of his tiny building. Untiringly I have visited markets, fairs, private sellers and have succeeded in finding not only 1913 roof tiles but also hand made flat tiles, railway sleepers and so on! As far as the basic structures of the building is concerned (dimensions) by using all the original stones the original dimensions remained unaltered. Over the years I have also planted 50 olive trees, olea Europeae/leccino variety and have cultivated them according to traditional methods handed down by the farmers from generation to generation. The cultivation culminated of course in the traditional handpicking and cold pressing of the olives (within 24 hours) whose purpose is to produce a perfectly genuine oil disregarding quantity for quality! This acre and a HALS OF LAND, WHICH FOR A SMALL FRACTION IS WOODED, IS LOCATED AT AN ALTITUDE OF 500 METERS AND IS TO BE FOUND VERY CLOSE TO San Francis’s den! In 2008 last year we managed to find water and build a well which of course now means that we can even enjoy gardening around our Masseria. Summarizing my life is now centred on this perfect lithe jewel “Masseria Laviola”. It is a little paradise embracing work, hobby and passion which starting a few years ago has continued and will continue into the future.

Roberto Laviola


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